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Rental Housing Permit - Exemption Form

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  2. Temple Terrace Fire Department Rental Housing Exemption Form
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  4. According to the Public Records for Hillsborough County, Florida, the below-listed property may require a Residential Rental Housing Permit.
  5. SECTION 8-133(a) of the City of Temple Terrace Code of Ordinances requires an annual rental housing permit or exception consideration be obtained for each single-family dwelling unit (attached or detached) including all townhouses, condominiums, two-family dwelling units, three-family dwelling units, and mobile homes when not occupied by the owner(s) of the dwelling as a homesteaded primary residence. If your property is not owner-occupied as your primary residence and homesteaded as such, you must register this property with out office.
  6. PERMITS - required whenever one or more persons provide consideration to a property owner for the use of a dwelling unit, whether money is exchanged.
  7. If this residence is not actually tented out, select one or more of the applicable exception categories.
  8. Contact our office at (813)506-6690 for more details as needed.
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