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Rental Housing Inspection Items

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  2. Temple Terrace Fire Department Rental Housing Permit Program

  3. Risk Reduction Division

    11250 N. 56th St., P.O. Box 16930, Temple Terrace, FL 33687-6930 - Phone (813) 506-6690, Fax (813) 506-6691

  4. Rental Housing Inspection Items:

    Below is a list of items that are evaluated during the Rental Housing Inspection. This is not a complete inspection list, however, does cover violations commonly found during the inspection process. Follow the link below for the City of Temple Terrace Code of Ordinances, Housing Code.

  5. - Operable GFCI's in bathroom / kitchen areas

  6. - Operable smoke detectors outside all sleeping areas

  7. - Operable exhaust fan(s) in bathroom(s) (if no window exists)

  8. - Operable sliding glass doors with locking mechanism

  9. - Garbage disposal electrical wire must be encased (unless dedicated to outlet)

  10. - Hot water heater electrical wire must be encased and may require a drip pan depending on its placement (lowest level would not require such)

  11. - Air conditioner high voltage electrical wire(s) must be encased

  12. - All doors / windows must be operable and lockable (must open / close freely)

  13. - Bedroom closet doors must be operable

  14. - House number must be posted on exterior of residence

  15. - Fire extinguisher size 2A:10BC shall be provided

  16. - Flooring must be intact, no tripping hazards

  17. - No exposed plumbing

  18. - No exposed electrical wires (outlet covers)

  19. - Electrical panel box with no voids or missing breakers

  20. - No double cylinder deadbolt locks, only single cylinder (thumb action knob)

  21. - Any and all deficiencies that do not meet minimum housing and fire safety codes

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