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City Of Temple Terrace "A" Home Occupation

  1. Attachment “A” – Home Occupation
  2. Provisions for Home Occupation: Pursuant to Section 25.750.7 of the City Code, certain occupations may occur as an accessory use within dwelling units, providing that the occupation will have no adverse effect or impact on the residential environs. The conduct of an occupation within a residential dwelling shall conform to the standards identified below.
  3. 1. No sale or trading in merchandise shall be carried on from the property where the occupation is located.
  4. 2. No persons other than family members residing within the dwelling unit shall be engaged in the occupation.
  5. 3. All material, equipment or supplies used in the conduct of the occupation shall be keep entirely within the residential dwelling.
  6. 4. No occupation shall be conducted on the property outside the dwelling unit.
  7. 5. Traffic generated by the conduct of the occupation shall be no greater in volume than would normally be expected at a similar residence where no home occupation is conducted.
  8. 6. The occupation shall not involve the use of a commercial vehicle for delivery to or from the premises except third party common/parcel carrier/delivery service not to exceed two (2) trips per day.
  9. 7. No marked vehicle or equipment used in conjunction with the home occupation shall be parked on the property or contiguous street right-of-way that would identify, advertise, or otherwise attract attention to the occupation.
  10. 8. No occupation shall be conducted or equipment or process associated with such occupation shall be used that creates noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odors, dust, smoke, or electrical interference detectable to the normal senses at the lot line or beyond the lot line if the occupation is conducted in a detached single- family dwelling, or beyond the exterior of any common walls in a joined or multiple-family dwelling.
  11. In the case of electrical interference, no equipment or process shall be used that creates visual or audible interference in any radio or television receiver off the premises or causes fluctuation in line voltage off the premises.
  12. • No display of projects, operations, signs, or name plates shall be visible from outside the dwelling.
  13. Prohibited Home Occupations: The following occupations conducted in residential dwellings are expressly prohibited and presumed to be public nuisances in residential neighborhoods.
  14. 1. Barbershop, beauty shop.
  15. 2. Public dining facility.
  16. 3. Photographic studio.
  17. 4. Film developing or procession.
  18. 5. Repair shop, except watches and jewelry.
  19. 6. Laboratory, involving the conduct of experiments entailing the use of chemicals or matter or energy that creates, or causes to be created, noise, noxious odors, or hazards dangerous to the public health, safety and welfare.
  20. I swear and affirm that to the best of my knowledge and truthful representation that my home occupation conforms to the above enumerated standards. I understand that if it is determined that these standards are not being complied with, this Local Business Tax Receipt will be deemed void.
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