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Citizen Board Application Form

  1. Please complete the online form below. Once completed, either hit the submit button or print both pages and deliver to the City Clerk, 11250 N. 56th Street, Temple Terrace, FL 33617, or send via email to
  2. Personal Information
  3. Residency Information
  4. Organization Membership Information
  5. Are you currently serving on other Boards, Commissions, or Committees?*
  6. Have you served on a Board, Commission, or Committee before?*
  7. All of our Boards and Committees meet in the afternoon or evening hours. Are you available at the time the Board or Committee that you selected meets?*

    A. act collectively and not individually, to set and/or revise the vision of the Board or Committee upon which I serve;
    B. represent the interests of the Board or Committee when making decisions and will rely upon available facts and my independent judgement;
    C. avoid legal conflicts of interest and avoid using my position for personal or partisan gain;
    D. demonstrate dignity, respect, and courtesy towards those with whom I am in contact in my capacity as a Board or Committee member;
    E. refrain from intimidation and ridicule of fellow Board or Committee members, City Staff, and other stakeholders in the City of Temple Terrace;
    F. refrain from inappropriate language including statements that are malicious, threatening, disparaging, mean-spirited, vulgar, or abusive but rather frame all disagreements or concerns in language that is dignified and professional;
    G. maintain appropriate decorum and professional demeanor in the conduct of Board or Committee business;
    H. work cooperatively and conscientiously with others as I request or receive information, examine data, or weigh alternative in the decision-making process;
    I. demonstrate patience and refrain from demanding immediate access to staff or immediate responses to information requests that requires staff time;
    J. refrain from any individual action that could compromise the integrity of the City, the Board or Committee I represent, or my fellow Board or Committee members.
    K. express clearly for any audience whether I am acting or speaking as an individual citizen or acting or speaking in my capacity as a representative of a Board or Committee member;
    L. abide by the Government in the Sunshine Law and the Rules of Procedure for my Board or Committee in both its spirit and intent;
    M. promote constructive relations in a positive climate with all City Staff and citizens, consistent with my role as a Board or Committee member;
    N. value and assist my fellow Board or Committee members by exchanging ideas, concerns, and knowledge;
    O. build positive community support for the Board or Committee’s vision; and
    P. be accountable to the City Council for violations of the Code of Conduct set forth herein.

    I have read the above Code of Conduct and understand what is expected of me as a City of Temple Terrace Board and/or Committee Member.

    I understand that submission of this application indicates my agreement to comply with this code if appointed to any Board or Committee.

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