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Guide to Site Plan Review Application and Process


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Step Two
  • Step One

    1. Site Plan Review: Procedure Overview
      A site plan review may be applied for when a property owner wants to develop or redevelop property for a use other than single family residential. The site plan is reviewed and approved based on compliance with applicable Land Development Regulations requirements regarding parking, landscaping, building placement, drainage, access management, etc. There are three basic steps to the site plan process: Pre-Application Conference, Preliminary Site Plan Review (Pre-SPR), and Final Site Plan Review (SPR).
    2. Applicants can choose to have staff identify issues with a conceptual site plan and proceed with a Final Site Plan Review or go through the Preliminary Site Plan Review to solicit non-binding comments from City Council, however, if the Preliminary Site Plan Review is selected, the applicant will then need to go through the Final Site Plan Review (both processes have a separate application fee). A nonpublic hearing (except where a public hearing is otherwise required due to other application or City requirement) meeting is required before the City Council, which makes final decision on site plan approval. Administrative approval of a final site plan may occur if the proposed development does not significantly modify an existing site, as determined by the Community Development Director.
    3. The timeframe from submitting the application to the Community Development Department to final approval depends on the number of revisions submitted, reviews from other agencies (including State of Florida agencies), complexity of the proposed project, etc. The planner assigned to your petition will be your main contact person throughout the process.
    4. Step One
    5. Property Owner/Applicant conducts a Pre-Application Conference with the Community Development Department staff (other departments or agencies may attend as deemed necessary by the department) to discuss the proposed project. The specific submittal requirements for supporting studies, permits and/or documents will be established by the Community Development Department at this meeting.
    6. Step Two
    7. Property Owner/Applicant submits Site Plan Application, Preliminary or Final Site Plan and supporting information/documents. Community Development reviews submitted materials and prepares documents for applicable Agency / Committee review to solicit comments on the submitted application.
    8. • Development Review Committee (DRC) - Representatives of City departments, each with their own specific duties and responsibilities.
    9. • Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission (HCCPC) – Known as the Planning Commission (C3PC on flow chart), it reviews the request for consistency with City of Temple Terrace Comprehensive Plan.
    10. • Hillsborough County School Board - Reviews the request for consistency with school concurrency regulations, if applicable.
    11. • Other Agencies the City may deem necessary to review the request.
    12. Step Three
    13. Following the Applicant’s receipt of comments from the various agencies listed above, a Preliminary or Final Site Plan is submitted to the Community Development Department. The planner assigned to your petition will prepare a staff report for the City Council. The Community Development Department will determine when the applicant has sufficiently addressed the DRC and Other Agency comments to request a meeting date before City Council. The planner will work with the City Manager’s and City Clerk’s Offices to schedule the item for City Council’s next available meeting. It may take up 2-3 weeks to get on to City Council’s agenda. The City Council makes the final decision, taking into consideration the staff report, comments and reports from other agencies, and the testimonies of the staff, the petitioner, and the public. The required public meeting will be scheduled during regular City Council meetings, which are held the first and third Tuesday of each month.
    14. If a Preliminary Site Plan Review was processed, the next step will be the Final Site Plan Review, in which case the applicant will need to go to Step One a Pre-Application Conference meeting to review any changes (if any) made based on the completed Preliminary Site Plan Review process.