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Guide to Platting: Application and Process


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Step Two
  3. 3. Step Three
  4. 4. Step Four
  5. 5. Step Five
  • Step One

    2. Platting: Procedure Overview
    3. The purpose of Platting Process is to review and create a legal document that enables the division of property into lots or the redivision/recombination of previously platted property proposed to be altered. There are four basic steps to the platting process: pre-application conference, preliminary plat approval, construction plan approval, and final plat approval. From the pre-submission conference to final plat approval, the platting process typically takes a minimum of six (6) months based upon the number of revisions.
    4. Step One
    5. A mandatory Pre-Application Conference with Community Development and the Public Works/Engineering Department is held to determine property eligibility, identify application submittal requirements, discuss City service provisions, and answer questions.
    6. Step Two
    7. Property Owner/Applicant submits Platting Application, Preliminary Plat and supporting information/documents.
    8. Community Development Department reviews submitted materials. The Development Review Committee (DRC) is comprised of representatives for the various City departments that review and report on the Application based on their specific duties and responsibilities. A Development Review Committee Meeting is held to Approve, Return for Revisions, or Deny the Preliminary Plat and supporting information/documents. Upon receipt of the DRC’s review report, the applicant may appeal any disapproval regarding the preliminary plat to the City Council.
    9. Step Three
    10. After Preliminary Plat Approval, the Property Owner/Applicant submits the Construction Plans directly to the Temple Terrace Community Development Department. Public Works/Engineering and coordinating departments perform technical review of submitted materials.
    11. Step Four
    12. After Construction Plan Approval, the Property Owner/Applicant submits the Final Plat directly to the Temple Terrace Community Development Department. The applicant shall file a final plat covering all or part of the approved preliminary plat within six (6) months from the date of the issuance of the report from the Development Review Committee or the City Council’s decision in the case of an appeal, otherwise that preliminary plat approval shall be deemed withdrawn. An extension may be granted by the City Council for reasons beyond the control of the applicant.
    13. Step Five
    14. Engineering reviews submitted materials.
    15. Following review of the final plat by the Development Review Committee, the City Engineer shall forward the final plat to the City Council for approval.
    16. Following final approval by the City Council, the City Engineer shall coordinate final plat recording at the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. After a Final Plat has been approved, three (3) prints of as-built drawings showing the improvements that have been constructed according to the approved subdivision construction plans, and a copy of the financial guarantee for completion of required improvements shall be filed with the City Engineer before said plat shall be recorded. Upon recording by the Clerk of the Circuit Court, the subdivider shall furnish the City one reproducible Mylar and two blue line prints of the recorded plat.