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June 22, 2020 9:40 AM

Revised Recycling Program starts week of June 29

Curbside green bin recycling will resume for paper/cardboard products ONLY beginning the week of June 29. Starting July 6, five metal and plastic drop off points will be available in the City. Glass recycling has been discontinued.

Following a suspension of collection due to cautions surrounding COVID-19, the City will resume its complimentary recycling program for residents in the following manner:
Collection of recyclable paper products will begin the week of June 29. Residents should put paper products ONLY in their green bins and place curbside on their regular recycling pick-up day. Bins containing materials other than paper products will not be serviced.
Beginning on July 6, the City will provide strategically placed receptacles around the City in which residents may deposit metals and plastic goods to be collected for recycling. DO NOT bag items before placing in the receptacles.
Neighborhood Recycling Drop-Off Locations:
• Boy Scout Park Parking Lot
• 113th St. Parking Lot (near Greco Middle School)
• Family Recreation Complex Parking Lot
• Omar K. Lightfoot Center Parking Lot
• 78th St. Right-of-Way (near Lift Station)
The City is discontinuing separated glass recycling. Residents should place glass items into their regular garbage, which is taken to a Waste-to-Energy plant for incineration.
For more information, go to www.templeterrace.com/recycle or call 813.506.6570.

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