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March 18, 2021 12:59 PM

City of Temple Terrace Legislative Action Update

The City Council recently passed 4 resolutions outlining their stance on bills being considered in Tallahassee that will affect our ability to self-govern. Their resolutions and more info is available here: templeterrace.com/675/Legislative-Actions

The Temple Terrace Mayor and City Council believe in the importance of Home Rule and the ability of this elected body to best understand the wants and needs of our City. At their March 16 meeting, the Council passed four resolutions that outline their stance on bills currently being considered by the state House and Senate that will affect our ability to self-govern.

Residents are urged to familiarize themselves with the intent of this legislation and to make their views known to elected officials on a local and state level. City Council resolutions regarding these bills and links to the full texts of the proposed legislation as well as contact info for local representatives is available here: https://www.templeterrace.com/675/Legislative-Actions

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