Traffic Safety Initiatives, Enforcement and Education

The Patrol Division conducts various traffic safety programs throughout the year. The links below provide access to residential speed surveys that have been conducted as well as traffic complaints that are currently being addressed.

The Residential Speed Surveys are conducted utilizing a JAMAR TraxPro Traffic Radar Recorder. This radar recorder is mounted on an utility pole and records the number and speed of vehicles traveling in both directions. The unit is normally deployed for a period of one-week to get reliable data. The survey will provide a graphic which depicts the "Total Percentage of Enforceable Violations". This is the percentage of vehicles that were above the posted speed limit plus a 5mph enforcement tolerance. The graph provides an enforcement rating of "Low", "Medium" or "High" and is based on a 25% scale. ( High = 25% or more of the total vehicle recorded were in the enforceable range) Also depicted in the survey is the number of vehicles traveling in both directions broken down by the speed traveled in 5mph increments.

Residential Speed Surveys

The Traffic Complaints Currently Being Addressed is a listing of traffic complaints that have been called in by citizens and are currently being worked by members of the Patrol Division. This link will be updated weekly.

Traffic Complaints Currently Being Addressed

Public Safety is our Top Priority!
Public Safety is our top priority!

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