Hillsborough River

Temple Terrace … A River Runs Through It

Our city and its residents are bound closely by a wondrous and awe-inspiring sash -- the Hillsborough River. It cascades past pristine patches of cypress and pine trees, flows under busy public thoroughfares, and meanders through beautiful conservation and park areas. It is brimming with aquatic life, teeming with wildlife, and is an avian haven. Our residents enjoy it for relaxation, contemplation, and restoration.

Upstream, it is a narrow, winding body of water, well-suited to solitary and silent canoe and kayak exploration. Downstream, it is a broad and straighter passage used by power boaters, water-skiers, wake boarders, and jet-skiers. Fishermen use all of it, from casting tiny nymph flies in the upper narrows to employing Carolina-rigging for monster bass by the dam. Along its banks, one can watch in suspense as an alligator sits motionless, waiting for the opportunity to feed on an unknowing fish. Inspiration soars as a pink spoonbill claws for the sky, or when a hawk dives seemingly out of nowhere and flies off clutching a wriggling blue gill. The perfect formation of a covey of baby ducks, shepherded by their mother, seems fitting, providing a quiet sense of balance in this cacophonous world.

Our river is a constant source of joy and amazement to those familiar with it. We invite you to join in our wonder and explore this treasure; but please, “Leave no trace!”

Community Preservation

Residents who share an interest in protecting and preserving the river are encouraged to call the Temple Terrace Police Department Marine Unit at 813.506.6500.
Hillsborough River