Code Compliance


The Code Compliance Department is responsible for the enforcement of non-criminal city ordinances, codes, and regulations. Our unit strives to prevent violations by increasing citizen awareness of neighborhood standards and expectations within Temple Terrace. 

Should you desire to learn more, lodge a complaint, or offer suggestions for improving the site or our operations, do not hesitate to contact us at (813) 506-6680 or by email.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in achieving our mission to keep Temple Terrace clean, attractive, safe, and desirable for residents and visitors.

Reporting a Code Violation

To report a city code violation, click on the Report A Concern button on the home page to submit a complaint online. You may also email Code Compliance Department or call 813-506-6680.

Code Enforcement staff shall, to the greatest extent possible by Florida law, keep the identities of people who report violations confidential. When calling to report a potential violation, do not leave your name and telephone number if you wish to remain anonymous. In accordance with the Sunshine Law, all complaints are public record including the person's name filing the complaint.