Custodian of Public Records & Requesting Information

Chapter 119, Florida Statutes,
Notice of the City of Temple Terrace Custodian of Public Records

The Custodian of Public Records for the City of Temple Terrace is the City Clerk. 

The City Clerk’s Office provides research of the official records for citizens and other departments upon request, in compliance with Florida Public Records Law, and allows for the inspection and examination by any person, at any reasonable time, under reasonable conditions and under the supervision of the City Clerk’s office.  The City Clerk’s office is the location where the City’s public records are routinely created, sent, received, maintained and requested.  The location and contact information is:

Cheryl A. Mooney, City Clerk
City of Temple Terrace City Hall
11250 N. 56th Street
Temple Terrace, FL  33617
813-506-6441 (FAX)


To request a lien search from the City Clerk's office, please email Lien Search Request

Please contact us at (813) 506-6440 or stop by our office on the first floor of City Hall, 11250 North 56th Street.